Marine and Transportation

Marine and Transportation

Our Marine and Transportation experts handle all kinds of claims that can arise during transport. We are able to deal with damage to cargo (cargo and logistical liability) and damage to the vehicle and vessel itself (hull and technology). Because of this distinction we can work efficiently, transparently and quickly.

Services Include

  • Damage to goods (meat, fish, dairy produce and other temperature sensitive goods, as well as bulk goods such as metals, grains, seeds, chemicals, oils and other liquid raw materials)
  • Logistical liability
  • Nautical investigation/technical maritime claims/cruising
  • Damage to land-based equipment
  • Maritime recourse


  • Ability to carry out inspections and surveys
  • Multi-skilled team of specialists
  • Cross-border claims brought to a successful conclusion through our global network
  • Early assessment of recovery possibility carried out


Would you like to have more information about Marine and Transportation? Please contact:

Ivar Bol
Manager Marine & Transportation
T: +31 10 45 35 587